Half Saree Photos

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South indian teen girls pictures, in their tradional wear half saree.

The Traditional wear Half Saree (Dhavani or Thavani; in tamil).

Just a couple of decades ago, the half-sari besides being the traditional dress, was also the most popular dress of young girls in Tamil Nadu. The pride of a girl's wardrobe was the pattu-pavadai, worn with a half-sari to match its border. There was no dress that belonged so exclusively to the budding young woman and no woman past her teens would wear it. The half-sari was a transition from the pavadai to the sari, from girlhood to womanhood. It prepared a young girl for the more cumbersome 6 yards.

The trend is now changing - so LET US BRING THE TRADITION BACK TO LIFE....

Half Saree was very common among young girls of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Full skirt, short blouse and a davani (shawl) constitutes this dress style.

It is considered to be originated in Tamil Nadu, but is very commonly used in Kerala till about 30 years back. Nowadays with all modern fashions half saree is almost completely diappeared among Kerala girls.

You need an underskirt. A top skirt with border. A blouse similar to a saree blouse. And 2.5 to 3 yards. Blouse should match the color of the skirt. Half saree should match the border of the skirt.

One edge of the half saree is tucked into the middle of the navel. 2-3 small pleats. Take the other end of the material around you and over the shoulder. It's in style to have the edge of the half saree in a 'V' shape at the back.


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