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Actress Namitha in Sexy Tight Leather Pants

Photos of Tamil Sexy Hot Actress Namitha in Tight Pants and very Tight T-Shirt showing her beautiful body.
At her native city of Surat Gujart, actress Namitha will adopt her brother’s 3 years old daughter. After Sushmita sen actress Namith prefers to adopt a child rather than spending their life with marriage and commitment. Namitha all ways had a big hart and she will be a responsible mother as well. Good luck being a mother Namitha!

photos of tamil actress namitha in very tight t-shirt and tight pants

Mid Night Masala Photos from Tamil Movie Gaja

Mid-Night Masala Pics from the tamil movie Gaja and Movie Review.

Gaja – A Worst Film accidentally released

gajaWhy do most of the debut filmmaker in Kollywood come up with an exceptional storyline and even fail to deliver a perfect film. A flimsy script, an annoying screenplay and clumsy contents - this happens to be the most common factors amongst the filmmakers on their debut film. The most puzzling fact is that how do producers easily approve of such smutty films. Looks like they had gone pie-eyed while heeding to this script. In the name of making films with strong messages, certain filmmakers come up with obscenity and vulgarity that doesn’t let even a 5-sensed creature to enjoy the film. Instead, this sort of filmmakers can better land up with X-rated films.

Well, sometimes it urges us to analyze on these sort of films too. Precisely, this is to remind ourselves that with Tamil Cinema getting through changing phase, there are still some films that deteriorate our standard.

Director A.R. Ganapathy brims with a good idea about showing all obscenity and finally getting himself from the box with a social message.

The film centers on a bad guy-womanizer Gaja (VNR) working in a finance company that sanctions loans… With the money that he earns, it’s all about smoking, consuming alcohols and has a great lust for every woman, especially the married ones. Even his married colleague isn’t spared by him and she is even killed to death and he cleverly drags her husband into the box of crime.

Indeed, that doesn’t stop this baddie’s evil acts. He goes to extent of even seducing his boss’ wife by narrating her with sweet stories. When the boss gets to know about this, he sets himself and his wife with fire. But again, the bad man has no plans to put an end, even when his friends advice him.

A series of changes takes place when he falls in love with Pooja (Akshaya) seeing her at a temple. But sooner he finds that she is married to her cousin Ganesh (Again played by VNR). It’s not a turning point as Gaja takes it as his luck. Of course, when you’ve Ganesh replacing the dead boss of Gaja, things are more favorable for this evil man.

His next step is informing Pooja that he would seducer her one day with her consent. A much distressed Pooja informs her husband Ganesh about this and for a greater surprise, he doesn’t believe her. Finally, how Gaja comes up with this big plan and does he succeed with it forms crux of the story.

The biggest drawback of this film is that how come both the hero and baddie Gaja look so identical. Is it an impact of Vijay’s Azhagiya Tamizh Magan? Its a billion dollar question. With both the characters looking the same, there are whole lots of confusions persisting between them. Director Ganapathy comes with a good theme, but the way he has presented with is something awkward. VNR has tried distinguishing each of his role with different body languages. But overall, his performance is below mediocre. Ditto to actress Akshaya enacting the role of a wife weaved between the hopes lost from her husband and unable to escape from the clutches of baddie.

What makes us wonder is that Gaja keeps committing his evil acts again and again. But he doesn’t get caught by Police. Is everything happening around in the undiscovered lands of deep African Forests that doesn’t come under the governance of Government Law?

A kind request to filmmakers making their debut directorial. Please make good stories. At least make your producers happy and profitable who churn out money on you. But don’t ever try making such nasty underrated films.

Cast & Crew:

Banner: Rajasri Films International

Production: Rajashree Films

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: A.R. Ganapathy

Star-casts: V.N.R. and Akshaya

Music: Mani Sharma

Verdict: Don’t risk yourselves watching it.

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